Eastern Racine County District 17

Wisconsin Cities in District 17

Local Clubs:
Benjamin House 
(262) 886-9611
4848 County Hwy H, Franksville, WI

The Grove Club 
(262) 634-9656
1037 Grove Avenue, Racine, WI

Racine Alano Club
(262) 634-9902
1140 Douglas Avenue, Racine, WI


District ChairsNameNotes
DCMCarol P.DCM (District Committee Member)
Alt. DCMOpen This Service position is available
Secretary Larissa H.
Alt. Secretary Josh L.
Treasurer Jessica N.
Alt. Treasurer Tia T.
Accessibilities Jackie T.
Alt. AccessibilitiesCoy H.
ArchivesChris W.
Alt. ArchivesLisa B.
CorrectionsSteve N.
Alt. CorrectionsOpenThis Service position is available
CPC/PI Jerry H.CPC (Cooperation with the Professional Community)
PI (Public Information)
Alt. CPC/PI Jeannie B.
GrapevineDeb K.
Alt. GrapevineAmy H.